Thursday, September 9, 2010

scummy buildup

and hold.
Pull & pull & pull,
canvas for sunspots
skinsea of sunflower memories

Clarity bells on either side of the chest
shudder and sing,
that smile brings so much color to your face.

little purple memories pressed into the skin
smile and slick over as my body narrowly misses the rain
plunging into afternoon
each stride is full and unafraid,
thoughts fold softer
like construction paper oragami
an uneven puddle could easily undo all the angles,
and I am thinking of you
when the motions settle
your words make me hungry for life.

Body, body why can't you live without a goddam lullaby?!
such movement stuck me too much in my body
hours after the coffee was exhausted
every cell is still awake.

With small swoops of magic
you can hide a story inside two hanging hats,
pull the words inside out
don't be fooled by your amazement,
this bliss is no trick.

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