Saturday, September 4, 2010

Couldn't leave
that long blond body in the door frame
drew me back from the nearly irresistible dancing
restless legs pull toward the doorway
in that passage we were much more than shadows
we fell into subtexts of light
mouths moving between the lines.

Less than settled
a compression in chest
tangles over the air around you.
The quality of tension can't stand definition.
For the moment
I'll send you what I can
maybe tomorrow they'll be chocolate on the horizon.

the laughter crackled like baklava
sweet triangular sounds
fractaling through the air

too much covered skin
as the heat melted us down to our cores,
small words uncurl out the window like a rope ladder
or a rusty fire escape
jury-rigged to serve the purpose of other escapes
motivational twitches sing our bodies closer
and we bring the pinstripes to life
into each subject sounded
we inject the size of a song
stupid music pushes, pushes, pushes every boundary.
When you hang you legs out the window
the entire sidewalk unravels.

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