Monday, September 20, 2010


tangled limbs create fully developed shadows on the sidewalk
the rain
while constant,
never admits its conciliatory role
in September's seduction,
pulling fall down sunshine's legs
"yes please" screams a distant but possible winter.

Every descending molecule is loaded
I will meet you in the winter
and we'll make the most of whatever the cold my bring
find the marrow in any weather.

Critically developed temperaments
create strained containers for affection
what we make of our sensations
is what separates us from the sponges and barnacles.

We slept on the front porch and drank sunrises
to stave off the hangovers
who danced ominous on the leftover dance floor.
Softly ridiculous
the words meandered like sleeping bubbles
our heavy swirls were popped by the occasional rainshower
and sometimes a parting partygoer might puncture our balconied dreamspace
a hushed tension would gather sober footprints
and we would giggle in their passing absence.
The thin ashy down didn't even tickle.
Your laughter helped whales breach my imagination,
breathed light into the peeking-out sandbar
and knitted whimsy into a purple sky.

In each dream I could be
cursed and furious
because I slept
just that

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