Monday, June 21, 2010

Some Build-up

The only way to know you
requires mutual rupture
eyes push through the rear-view mirror
coalesce closer than appearances.

This Sound
I’ll sweat for your music
push physics into every undertone
a guitar opens the throat,
& breathes a tenuous back-and-forth.
Night reduces,
sweetens like dark vinegar
copper notes pop,
smooth down the ear
the sound will get into lungs first
inspire shoulders & shoetips
small juts precede a full bodied reaction.
Unstoppable like the moon-fingered tide
The chance of phosphorescence
encapsulated in a flexible tempo
this sound—

It gets to you.

Avoiding it
Copper drops of sunlight,
pink and awkward,
exit the landscape
skirt the horizon lipped by lavender weather.
Hungry fish sleepily punch small ripples in the softening reflection
the ruptures wink away with all conceivable haste.
Loneliness resists
coagulates inside the pen.
When the lights come up they feel further away
Strength dances into the distance
lantern-lit bridge spans a quivering ladder across the bay.
scratching for distraction
the loneliness corks with a pop.
I am not a decibel of tangled formalities.
slender dogs paw toward the expletives
in the after-gasp
moisture creeps in
I’ve got mildew in my bones.

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