Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 poems in reverse chronological order...

Jazz Night
You were there.
Clear through an orbit of drunken footsteps in ill-fitting sandals,
We were there.
Fell into a rhythmic flashback,
the jazz beneath folded over pinstripes pushed closer
and lifted me through a stairwell
emptied my lungs
like only my body could’ve remembered.

Spiral smiles and the confused pressure of lead and follow—
music moved over every angle
as our bodies echoed through the barlight.

Caught you there,
before the moon’s universe
drew you out.
In that small eddy of rhythmic alignment
the sounds built up
and snuck out through lips
dancing closer and faster than the reach of silly,
drunkenly sandaled feet
(I almost
caught all the words).

Sunny FREEwrite
The sunshine isn’t green anymore.
Planes of gray have swallowed their own shadows
and blue is brave again,
knows exactly what to do in the face of June.

Hard and hot sunshine days unfurl
and the daring takes them on
no more small sips.
The angry rustle of overcast eyes has been rubbed brighter
& clarity is climbing through the glass horizon
a scribble of the unknown
is less than a smile on my mind

the dirt is becoming more than dirt
in the early breaking of June
possibility walks on two legs
& hope melts into a series of stained-glass windows

Shoesless feet and cloudless sky
The wind rattles the clock tower
both hands measuring only as far as the wind consents
A dancing parade of feathered intentions tick-tocks into midsummer
the yawn of sunshine stretches past any definition of night.

Lupine Horizon
We drove out to the water
and from the moist center of the thicket flying by
warm throats kicked a trembling a cloud of froggish gossip across the bay.

an approximated congruence of language and energy
unspiraled warmly out the windows of your Subaru.
meanings clicking like a clamshell’s profile,
a body of thought in motion
will run being into action
our legs made wet by lupine strides
in flowers head-high
we purpled through midnight.

these eyes will find your sunset.

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