Friday, May 6, 2011

What it's about (free-est write ever!)

What is it about?
It is about satellites and antennae,
or the first thing you see when you look up.

Did you know your molecules are being reduced right now?
Frequencies at the cell-level are conspiring to keep the machine together.
For the kids I guess.
To get her.

I wonder if that means anything at all.
Suddenly there is function in the world
I've got to do SOMETHING about that.
like finding music on the roadside.
DO something drastic
take your throat out of our neck,
let them stroke each other,
then separate again.
I am kind of almost there right?
barely having what I have.

Why do the words feel like grains of sand,
(don't tighten your grip,
don't even think about reaching for the toast or coffee)
do you get it?
do you get it at all?
I am caring about it so much less this morning.
the worries were so comfortable before the became aware of themselves.

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  1. This made me laugh... I needed that , thank you !!