Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not a poem (but it's about poetry!)

I know I usually only write poems on this blog (and in my own purist kind of way I have been priding myself on that), but I need to disclose the reason I have been not-so-every-dayish and more once-every-other-day-or-twoish about posting.
In addition to ritually writing 750 words every morning (usually directly after I wake up) I have begun reviewing and editing pieces to compile as a manuscript. I have a good lot of material to sift through and plenty of edits to make so there is an drool-worthy but staggering mission ahead of me.

The downside to this is that I am finding myself less available (timewise) to hone my words into poetry. This does not mean I won't be writing poems to share on this blog. Just that the frequency will be less. (hopefully at least 3 times per week!) I will not be pressuring myself to write/post a poem every day (at least until my book is done).
Writing poems is so much more reflexive at this point (which was a major goal of this project). Having seen out the whole year (though broken laptops, relationships, and internet-less road trips!) I am very satisfied and proud of my performance!
See you on a tri-weekly basis!

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