Monday, January 17, 2011

two times

Miracles are too big for memory
the myths are chicken wire,
smoke rubbed forcefully into mirrors
the reflection degrades with every retelling.

Falling (edited freewrite)
I cured the moment by giving in to gravity
let the adrenaline tilt into my skin.
As midnight howled beneath my helmet
the world stood immovable beneath the doe-eyed whistling wheels.
I've got acid in my legs and acid in my backside
(Heartbreak is a chemical burn
that breathes out
reaches back through your capillaries as you try to leave).

My body is composed of collapsible organs:
A pumping origami heart
(she thinks she can tell the future)
intestines knotted into ampersands
& a liver that fits smooth into a shot glass.

I know the beer will make it come out
& the elephants are tearing through my architecture.
My body is made of sockets & rocking chair stories
& Goddammit
I'm not changing the sheets until he takes me back.

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