Monday, January 10, 2011


An Eyelashing
The eyes are filled with endless needles
blackened rosemary clings to the inbetweenness of seeing.
A thin line of witnesses to the world coming in
no wonder they sometimes jump in.

On her wrists the veins danced like light from a keyhole
through a sideways glance I am peering in,
fingering for the tumblers of a heartbeat unlocking.

A balanced meal
The moment laughs the scales out of swinging
and turns my world into a plate of naked fish;
life eating the balance out of living.

Discomfort angled in
and convinced my back to pinch itself awake.
Too bad
my spine is not a dream.

Freewrite Inquiry
Could you open it?
make an incision on the page,
extract all the ingredients,
take the sounds from the words?
and the shapes from the text?
Could you
Remove form
like a surgeon removes the appendix?
Or would it all break down
collapse into a lack of synapses
neurons reversing evolution
curling back into themselves
each cell like burning paper,
shaking and introverting to ash.

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