Wednesday, October 20, 2010

finally a computer

legs moved like criss-crossed lips
heartbeats growing larger fell from our journeyed mouths
a cobbled-together consistancy makes a vibrant reality throb
the sunlight is merely a symbol of our story
the words falling maeasureless through the distance.

Bloody Sunset
Pigments let loose
and screaming across the sky:
a horizen the color of your liver
breathing a soundless fire into the heart of sky
where each hue smolders to a pitch.

in the sommersaulted afternoon
we exchanged innuendos in the backseat
and chuckled all way to the supermarket.

Some Satudays occur
only for the rain to rupture.

Reading alloud makes my throat ridiculous
pushes my tongue to dangerous speeds,
this poem wants you so bad
forgettting to breath.
And the words shove on,
topple over the flimsy body of logic
any plan spills out into milky puddles
no breath left to cry for them.
The storm builds behind my teeth
and shakes nervously, too heavy for my jaw
the words are atoms splitting to an exponential song.

the need to scratch it out makes me greedy
punctures the curtained world of sounds meant only for you
a recording device which speaks to nothing but the needle,
grooves devouring each
beats sidestep the earskins
far too drunk on threadbare syllables
these words swing
straigh into the electric recognition,
sounds spark bright between pen & page
the light is just enough to expose the motions
our shadows make as they hold in our loneliness.

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