Saturday, August 7, 2010

Poem Bomb

and wearing only shoes
our skin became a topography of light.
In thousands of salty pinpricks,
the flickers folded around the body.
It was too cold.
We laughed uncontrollably until it wasn't
and ignited magic in the shallows of the sound.

reconstituted atmosphere breathes paltry music
the swelter is only 40% suffocation
the coffee deposits the leftover numbers.

our shadows tremble-
the rectangular edges wiggling
as they sweep over the dry terrain.
I can smell the onionfields
breathing into the colorless air.

Through the fog
a yawning rad ladder and its arced pinstripes
climb up to sky.
Softly swaying exhilaration is punctuated
by winking dolphin backs
they cut sharp little ruptures
in the infinitely flinching surface,
green and wizened
the water dances like a time-worn tarp in the wind.

As the dreams leave you
school children become less like birds.
the fog settles asymmetrically
and we have to climb towards the sunshine
as the steel arteries race beneath out feel.

smaller tones of morning burble out from gypsy mouths
traveling tongues scale the brambled hillside,
the colors collecting around the ankles and knees
like bees
harvesting the sweet intensity of yellow.

Bearded hero
dusting the roadside with literature and anarchy
scaffolding humanity with words frantic & desperate.
Using distanced language
& backward anthropomorphic metaphors
the legal tropes are tendered
toward him from stubborn uniforms.
Each objection falls hollow and tinny
against 6 rocky syllables
"We are all citizens."

We picked up two hitchhikers
and bonded in bookstore
as they scribbled away in the back
I could feel my body being written into their stories.

The force behind those eyes is soul splitting.
That hard-edged gaze plays Hiroshima on my heart,
each feeling fractures and explodes.

I drempt last night
of walking through the streets of your poetry.
Buildings composed of pure music,
punctuated by thin cobblestone alleyways.

We at garlic bulbs like they were apples,
stripped off and discarded any trace of nonchalance,
we walked until our legs were sore,
and both out souls were a little bit cracked.

Even beneath the overcast morning
the roadside is shades brighter
than those deep ominous trees back home.
Maybe the salty sea-fog
contains invisible level of yellow.

with sound
Led Zeppelin lubricates our relationship with the road
we gaze hungrily forward
as our wheels hunch toward the coast.

a drop of spotted shine
floats nearly full in the late July skyline.
Down by the froggy fingers of lake,
the trees look thinner in the moonlight.

Post-Mortem Break-up Poem
I loved you so much
I let the sunsets slip through my fingers.
Touch losing the colors
I was slowly forgetting how to use.

Instead of that proverbial knife,
you cut my like a rusty hacksaw from WWII
embedding nostalgic particulates with each toothy twitch.
I'm still picking pieces of you out of what left of me.
No way to distinguish what might make me stronger
just a body
not letting go.
A hole.
New world where I can't close my eyes
from how it all looks different now,
like beautiful only meant something we could share.
Give back my beauty!
I'd like at least half of every moment we shared.
My beauty is too big for those small hands,
to rich and deep to lose its color
& baby I'm climbing back out and up that horizon
Gonna recapture my sunset.

Soft chatter blankets the brain
my body finding more weight in the simple
while waiting,
the mood softly settles
A family breathes beneath the words
"We all love you"

List of things done today:
bunker music
gambled with distance in an afternoon race (all the way past Sequim)
Typewriter altitude overlooking La Push
Switch-backed roads tunneled over with forest
Lemon drops & a whiskey sour
Pulled a lever and drinks were on the house
10+ the last dollar in my pocket.

When the ocean exhales a small patch of death
sea birds swarm on that far-off spot
like fleas
fighting over the smallest scrap of skin.

Small adventures stretch their legs
we made a 15-minute friend.
He was very obviously Canadian.

A tangerine that glows pink
(or maybe it's a clementine sun)
the waves shivered into its colorful disciples
& yawned purple into the sky.

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